Greetings from South Florida!

Welcome to a diverse place and a melting pot of individuals from different origins and races (mostly from the Americas) that intertwine into a mix of passion and energy giving the region its trademark of charm, warmth and rhythm.

According to recent data from the Census Bureau;  the three counties that comprise what is known as South Florida (Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe), represent a bit over 22 percent of the total population for the whole State of Florida and the population statistics definitely yield hard facts to sustain the diversity asseveration: a female population very well in line with both National and Florida statistics (51 percent), but an astonishing 77 percent of the population identifying themselves as non-white, compared with 47 percent of the State of Florida and 26 percent nationally, while the percentage of foreign-born individuals well exceed Florida and the nation with 45% of its population being born abroad. In addition to these facts, during the last few years,  South Florida has become one of the top places, if not the top, for people to resettle from other states.

Now, big questions lay ahead: How can this intrinsic diversity be reflected in the workplace across South Florida? What is needed to have leaders embracing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)? Is DEI just a badge or a checkbox for some or is there a genuine belief in its value?

The intention here is not to be a source of answers for these and other related inquiries, but a thought-provoking reflection on what each of us could do to drive and promote DE&I in our areas of influence. This is a big driver for the South Florida Chapter of the Florida Diversity Council; spread the message to its members, partners and immediate communities about what DEI entails and how understanding and embracing it can translate into benefits for individuals, professionals and organizations.

The members of the board not only serve as ambassadors of their respective organizations, highlighting the different DEI efforts, but also serve as enablers for the improvement of the state of DEI in these companies. One of the initiatives that the South Florida chapter expects to roll out soon is a series of collaborations from South Florida individuals that represent different affinities and entities with the purpose of highlighting and shedding light on key actions, best practices and recommendations for successful DEI initiatives.

Our purpose is to actively engage with members periodically through different means and hopefully resume in-person activities. Be on the lookout for upcoming initiatives and connect with us through the  Florida Diversity Council and South Florida chapter social media accounts.

We also want to invite those out there that want to be part of the DEI journey to become a member of the National Diversity Council and get involved with your local chapter. The possibilities for personal and professional enrichment are abundant. We look forward to seeing you soon!

About the Author

Euclides Martinez Mella is a Marketing and Business Professional with more than 25 years of experience working in diverse settings across multiple geographies and industries. He is currently a Vendor Marketing Manager in TD SYNNEX for the Latin America Division and Vice-Chair of the Hispanic/LatinX BRG and also serves as the Communication Co-Chair for the NDC South Florida Chapter. He is also a proud husband and father of three, who loves reading, outdoor activities and enjoying simple things around loved ones.

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