The power of video marketing is consistently growing.

According to the stats by Optinmonster:

  • 83% of marketers say that video content is highly effective in generating leads
  • 87% of respondents say that videos help them successfully generate traffic to their websites
  • 66% of internet users prefer to watch a video to learn more about product or service

Such marketing potential of video content can bring a lot of benefits for fundraisers as well.

Reportedly, 57% of peoplewho watch nonprofit videos proceed to make a donation right away. Thus, there is a very high chance that by adding video content to your fundraising campaign, you will increase the donations by over 50%.

As with other types of content, videos also require proper planning. Without a detailed script, you won’t be able to achieve the results you expect.

So, let’s take a look at a few tips on writing a winning fundraising video script.

1. Tell a Story

4Ocean, a for-profit organization that collects plastic from coastlines all over the world, has a unique approach to fundraising. The organization recycles the plastic that its workers have collected and reused it to make bracelets.

To raise awareness, 4Ocean has built a strong online presence on YouTube with unique storytelling video content.

Every month the organization partners with different nonprofits around the world to build a content marketingstrategy, which tells a story of how plastic pollution affects different ocean and sea creatures. For instance, in September 2017, 4Ocean partnered with the Monterey Bay Aquarium that works on increasing the population of sea otters:

Video credit: 4Ocean

When writing your fundraising video script, don’t make it a checklist of things to say, but rather shape it like a story. Such a format will allow you to:

  • develop a deeper connection with your audience
  • enables active learning and prompts to immediate action, making it an effective strategy for fundraising
  • increases brand awareness

Using storytelling when writing a fundraising video script is also a good strategy to overcome writer’s blockas it gives you ideas and inspiration to tell a story in an engaging way.

Keep in mind: at the beginning of your script, make sure you outline the clear objective of the story which should ultimately inspire the viewers to donate.

2. Follow a Clear Structure

To make sure you don’t miss out on any details, write a detailed outline for your video script.

Treat this outline like the one you would write for an essay or a dissertation discussion chapter, and break down your script into an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

Here’s what to include in the outline of your fundraising video script.

1) Introduction

Start your fundraising video by answering the following questions:

  • What is the goal of this fundraising video?
  • Who are the viewers?
  • What is the topic of this video?
  • What is the key message you want this video to deliver?
  • How can the viewers relate to the topic and message of this video and what will prompt them to donate?

Make sure that the topic of your video directly points to the purpose of the fundraiser. So, try to make it as specific as possible.

2) Body

Now, go point-by-point, what you would like to cover in your fundraiser video. Consider these points to make this part more structured:

  • introduce yourself and your organization
  • briefly cover the purpose of your organization
  • tell the personal story behind your fundraiser’s incentive
  • share the stories of those, who will benefit from your fundraiser
  • add a bit more details on the services, in which the raised money will be invested

Take a look at how First Descents, a non-profit organization uniting cancer survivors, follows this script structure to create a winning and inspiring fundraising video:

Video credit: First Descents

3) Conclusion

Finish your fundraising video script with a powerful CTA, which you should base on:

  • your original message
  • the purpose of your video
  • reasons why the viewers can relate to your fundraiser

Keep in mind: when writing your video script, don’t use overly complicated language. Your goal is to make your message clear to your audience and inspire them to participate in your fundraiser without making them look for an additional explanation of your goal.

3. Edit, Proofread, Repeat!

Once you have a draft of your video script, it’s time to go through it several times to check it for any mistakes. If you don’t have video editing skills, you still can edit your video script successfully by consistently following these steps:

  • Take a break first. After you’ve spent hours writing a script, it can be counterproductive to edit and proofread it right away. Let your mind recharge and take a break before you continue working on your script.
  • Distance yourself from the script. It can be hard, especially if you’re preparing a fundraising video regarding a cause that you’ve initiated, but try to distance yourself emotionally and take a third-party look at the message and the purpose in the script.
  • Evaluate your video script point-by-point. Take a closer look at every part of your script and determine, how effectively they help you deliver the message.
  • Consider the parts, where you can replace the text with visuals. Since video content is by its nature visual, the text doesn’t always work well here if you want to tell a story. So, revise your script to see, which parts can be replaced with visuals.
  • Do a quick run-through in front of the camera.Sit down in front of the camera and try recording yourself reading the script and then analyze the result for any inconsistencies. At this point, you might need some help from editors, but during the pandemic, it might be difficult to do. At the National Diversity Council, we can offer you mentoring servicesto assist you with your fundraiser remotely.
  • Don’t forget about proofing.The quality of your video script shows how serious you are as a writer. Leaving mistakes in the text can make the message in your fundraiser video sound confusing and harm its purpose to attract and raise donations.

A good idea needs a lot of work to become a success. Your video script might need several edits and you might end up with several drafts before you have a final version. However, thorough editing and proofreading will help you make sure that the video communicates your fundraiser’s message correctly.

Over to You

Writing a winning fundraising video script requires time and effort, so it may seem very overwhelming at first.

To ease into it, write a script like you’re telling a story. This approach will help you build your narrative effortlessly.

However, don’t forget about following a structure. It is important to remember that writing and editing your video script consistently will ensure that it explains the purpose well and delivers the purpose to the right audience, prompting them to participate.

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