Welcome to the second edition of the National Diversity Council newsletter. We had a monumentous first quarter as we welcomed President Barack Obama as the keynote speaker for our National Diversity and Leadership Conference.

Held across 4 days in April, our conference focused on providing professionals with the tools and resources to help them advance in their knowledge of diversity, leadership and professional development. The highlight of the event, without a doubt, was a special session featuring none other than President Barack Obama himself. He charmed us with his wit and imparted words of wisdom on the importance of inclusion and the role it plays in making our country one the greatest in the world. We would like to give our sincere, heartfelt thanks to the President for joining his voice with ours in advocating for a society in which all are valued for their talents and empowered to reach their fullest potential.

In addition to President Obama, our Diversity and Leadership Conference featured General Colin Powell and actress America Ferrera. Both delivered powerful messages on inclusion and the importance of making sure everyone, regardless of race, creed or gender, has a seat at the table. Their speeches left our audience captivated and reinforced the importance of the work we do each and every day.

Let us use the lessons learned from the conference and make a commitment to promote understanding and unity in our businesses and communities. Let the rest of 2019 mark a special significance for us all as the year of inclusion.

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