Congratulations! You’re here because you want to be a strong, inclusive leader. You already value diversity and inclusion, so how do you put this into practice? Maybe you know where to start, maybe you have no idea; either way, that’s okay! We are here to help.

In this article, we’ve rounded up different articles, newsletters, and podcasts that you may find helpful and informative as you strive to be better leaders. We are going to help you build your leadership bookshelf with both quick reads and subscriptions to equip you, going forward.
Quick must-reads:

  1. The Mouse and The Elephant’s Guide to Intentional Inclusiveness

    Before you can go out there on your sales floor or walk in to lead your next department meeting, you have to know what it means to live and breathe diversity and inclusion. This won’t happen by accident – you’ll have to be intentional about it; that’s what this guide teaches you to do.
  2. Catalyst’s flip the script: race and ethnicity

    This document is chock full of specific phrases and statements that are usually said with the best intentions, but can have a hurtful impact. Think “You are so articulate.” This document walks you through the history of that, and similar, statements to help you be intentional about your language.
  3. How smart people handle toxic people

    Despite your best efforts to honor diversity and be inclusive in thought, word, and deed – some people in the workplace will bring you down. This article gives you tools to defuse these situations without damaging your own credibility or losing too much sleep over the conflict.
  4. Meetings would go faster if people took the time to listen

    Franklin-Covey tells us that successful people seek first to understand, then to be understood. This article gives a quick four step approach to internalizing and implementing this advice in your listening habits. Being a better listener will make you a better leader and a better employee.
  5. Women at work

    While there are many articles for women on how to be empowered in the workplace, this article focuses on empowering men and “demystifying women.” It calls out specific comments women often hear in the workplace that qualify as “benevolent sexism” and are likely to drive the women you work with batty.
  6. Five ways to shut down mansplaining

    If you’ve sat in a meeting and thought either “I think I’m being mansplained to right now” or “I think she’s being mansplained to right now” – this article is for you. Never again will you sit through something like that without the tools to react professionally. The Redirect is one of our favorites.
  7. Ann Friedman: On being a boss

    Written as if you are sitting at a coffee shop across from your best friend, this is full of great leadership advice such as “give her credit for good work to your bosses […] because if they’re good bosses they will realize this is your good work, too.” You’ll also find easy to follow advice on giving tough feedback in a compassionate way.
  8. Ongoing must-reads and listens:

  9. Sign up for the Mouse and the Elephant’s weekly newsletter about diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Previously featured in last quarter’s newsletter.
  10. The Broad Experience – a podcast dedicated to women in the workplace and their specific challenges, especially in leadership. A key episode we loved was “Communicating while female”.
  11. Code Switch – a podcast about race and identity. An episode to get you started is “A Year of Love and Struggle in a New High School”.

These are ten great resources to get you started building your bookshelf! What did we miss? Add it in the comments, or Email us and let us know – maybe we’ll publish a volume two!

Written By Jamie Hand

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