A main difficulty for most nonprofits is lack of recognition throughout their community. Connecting to community members and professionals throughout the area can prove difficult when there are limited platforms to do so.

For the past five years, the Emerging Young Leaders of Tampa Bay have put on an annual Nonprofit Volunteer Fair, which provides one of those limited platforms. On October 16th, 2017, at the 5th Annual Nonprofit Volunteer Fair, 34 nonprofit organizations were represented and over 80 registrants attended at the Centre Club in downtown Tampa. The Florida Diversity Council attended the fair as a nonprofit organization and connected with a vast group of individuals who demonstrated passion and interest in our goal of promoting diversity and inclusion. While some had heard of us and wanted to learn more; some were hearing about us for the first time and most likely would not have connected with our organization if not for the fair.

At the fair, the different nonprofits connected with various individuals who were searching to help our organizations reach our goals. This fair not only connected individuals with their favorite nonprofits, but also served as an opportunity for nonprofits to spread their message, gain recognition, and build potential partnerships with other nonprofits that share similar goals and missions. Furthermore, the diverse population that attends the fair ensures that nonprofits are not targeting one specific audience but instead sharing their platform with all different members of the community.

The Florida Diversity Council is pleased to have been represented at the Emerge 5th Annual Nonprofit Volunteer Fair and meet a diverse group of individuals who all want to make a difference in the Tampa Bay Community.

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