Connecticut – Bridgeport Hospital in Connecticut has created a workplace friendly for women surgeons, and their results show. More than half of the acute care team is women, an unusual figure for a male dominated position. According to the American Medical Association, less than one third of all surgeons in Connecticut are women.

So what makes Bridgeport Hospital different? For one, Bridgeport has implemented flexible work schedules and has hired more surgeons to ease the on-call burden. These practices have appealed to women surgeons and other institutions are following suit.

At other hospitals, such as Stamford, placing women in charge of medicine divisions boosts diversity. This has lead to more women interviewed and hired for positions in the hospital. Hospitals have found that recruitment, networking, and mentoring practices are important for hiring and keeping women workers. At St. Francis Hospital, management has found that hiring a lot of mid-level providers that can offset the burden of some of the clerical work allows residents with children to spend more time at home.

While barriers persist, such as the dearth of women professors in the medical field, some Connecticut hospitals are making strides and staying innovative in their attempts to improve gender diversity in the workplace.

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