On March 9, 2017 the Illinois Diversity Council hosted the 8th Annual Illinois Women’s Conference in Chicago. This conference offered women a venue to learn from and network with the top female business leaders in the state. A select group of leading women in business were also be recognized for their professional accomplishments during award ceremonies at this year’s conference. This year’s theme was “The Power to Be”.

“The Illinois Women’s Conference is an excellent place to showcase the great strides women have made in the business world,” said Dennis Kennedy, Founder & Chair of the National Diversity Council. “Highlighting the leading women in Illinois shows women that their aspiration are not unattainable.”

The conference opened with a breakfast honoring the Top 15 Business Women of Illinois. This award honors deserving female executives in various organizations within the state of Illinois. Each of these women exhibit leadership excellence and the tenacity it takes to excel in their field of expertise. To view the full list of these extraordinary leaders, visit nationalwomensconference.com/Illinois.

Following the breakfast, conference attendees had the opportunity to enhance their professional skillsets by attending concurrent sessions in which female business leaders discussed topics such as “BE Daring,” “BE Fearless,” and “BE Fierce.” These topics were designed to challenge conventional ideology and promote organizational changes incorporating gender diversity.

The Illinois Diversity Council would like to thank all the sponsors, speakers and attendees for helping to make this event a success.

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