Welcome to the Tri-State Diversity Council. The Board of Directors is extremely proud of the continued success and evolution of this hard working council. We encourage you to join us in our mission to enhance appreciation for and understanding of the value of diversity and inclusion.

We would like to first welcome three new corporate partners that have joined us since the beginning of the year: Doctors Without Borders has joined the Tri-State Diversity Council Platinum Board level; UBS has joined as a Silver partner; and GAF has joined as a New Jersey Bronze partner.

In today’s global economy diversity and inclusion is so crucial and it is incumbent upon all of us to ensure we promote the benefits of building diverse organizations that reflect the changing face of the communities we operate in. The Tri-State Diversity Council is committed to helping transform workplace communities into environments where people are valued for their uniqueness and differences, and we continue to do this great work by providing targeted programs and initiatives, and advancing corporate leadership’s awareness of the varied dimensions of diversity. In addition, we seek to promote outreach efforts to our youth that inspire mutual respect and understanding and help support the growth of our future leaders. I encourage all of you to play an active role in discussing issues and challenging attitudes within your own organizations to promote changes that support diversity.

We sincerely thank you for your dedication to this worthy cause, and know this meaningful, important work will have a lasting impact on our communities. We also hope that in the process, you and your companies become even more successful through leveraging a diverse workforce and engaging and retaining top talent.


Peter Wilson, Jr.

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