Coming up on September 21, the Ohio Diversity Council will be hosting our Inaugural Fair Housing Summit in Toledo. Join us to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the passing of the Fair Housing Act, to understand the current state of fair housing policy, and to explore the future of fair housing. This event is not for fair housing organizations only, though. Housing is a fundamental building block upon which all equity and inclusion work rests, including that work done under the title “diversity & inclusion” in the corporate world. As such, it is a responsibility and a best-practice for business owners and leaders to understand and lend their support to fair housing.

This event will bring relevant content to both fair housing experts and to those for whom this is a new conversation. It’s important that a diverse mix of attendees, from housing professionals to business influencers to civic leaders, join together to learn and to take this message back to their spheres of influence. We will be exploring housing from a number of angles, including a history of, the legal framework, the business case, and from the human-centric perspective of belonging.

We are expecting hundreds of attendees from the financial, insurance, healthcare, housing, nonprofit, real estate, government, and human resource sectors to participate. This will be an inspiring, informative summit around all facets of fair housing. Attendees can expect to leave more informed about the issues, more connected across relevant networks, and more eager to be a part of the solution.

To learn more about this event and to register please visit

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