“Effective team leaders adjust their style to provide what the group can’t provide for itself.”- Ken Blanchard

What is your style of leadership and how do you adjust it to lead an effective team? If you conduct yourself the same way with everyone on your team, you could miss out on knowing your team and helping them leverage their strengths and potential. Leaders are responsible for their team: a group of individuals who look to them for guidance, expertise, vision and much more while ensuring they effectively contribute to the company’s goals.

As a leader, you define what being effective is and you model the behaviors associated with being effective. Here are the 5 Secrets to Leading Effective Teams:

Play to their strengths. You know which one of your team members does awesome presentations, creates great spreadsheets and/or works well under pressure. Keep these things in mind as you assign responsibilities and assess the skill sets of your team thoroughly.

Know what motivates them. When you know what motivates your team, you have uncovered another secret in itself: high-performance. Be upfront and ask…is it money, public/private recognition, time with you, professional development, additional projects? Motivation is a key factor in positive employee engagement.

State the desired results. Motivate your team by communicating exactly what the outcomes should look like. How do they know when you’ve been successful if you haven’t defined it? Make sure you acknowledge wins and milestones to chart progress and keep up the momentum.

Be available and approachable. When you make yourself available to your team, you become a reliable resource and they can count on you to be there for them. Being approachable is critical as you don’t to miss out on important information or valued feedback.

Have fun. Remember, we spend more time with our co-workers and teams than we do with our families, so you’ve got to make the most of it. The seriousness of work can sometimes take over.

Leading effective teams doesn’t happen overnight, but when you apply the secrets as part of your own leadership style, you will gain much more than desired results, you will have the team everyone wants to be on!

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