The UPS Women’s Leadership Development (WLD) Business Resource Group (BRG)
The UPS WLD BRG Program focuses on the professional and personal development of its membership through strategic planning initiatives that:

  • Address the challenges unique to women in business,
  • Provide tools necessary for business success,
  • Unveil programs and resources that accelerate growth and profitability for the business as well as the greater community, and
  • Encourage leadership.

Initially implemented as a pilot program, to one location in 2006, the UPS WLD received very positive feedback. In 2007, official UPS WLD Program was rolled-out to 29 U.S. and 36 International locations. There are currently more than 200 members in UPS Information Technology (I.T.).

Since the inception of the Women’s Leadership Development (WLD) Program, Business Resource Groups (BRGs) have come to serve as an extension of the company’s broader Diversity & Inclusion strategy; Growing the Business, Talent Management and Brand Management. Each BRG reflects UPS’s culture of teamwork and integrity and is a valuable skill development tool for employees of all backgrounds. The UPS WLD is no exception; encouraging unique thinking into different points of view, empowering women and men via leadership talks, mentorship and educational programs. Supporting these unique perspectives drives a more inclusive, creative environment where innovation can grow across the organization.

Inclusive: The UPS WLD is committed to always keeping an environment of inclusion and fostering innovation. We do this by partnering with the other BRG’s Including: Crecer (Latino BRG) and the UPS Millennial BRG. Sharing ideas through experiences allows all of us to build a stronger UPS. The introduction of one WLD BRG lead to the 9 more BRG across all of UPS. Our BRG gave voices to the; African American BRG, Asian American BRG, Focus-on-Abilities, Veterans, and Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender Alliance (LGBTA).

The WLD Program provides a supportive environment where members gain skills to expand their professional network, find a mentor or collaboratively provide feedback to the community. WLD Programs/events align closely with the Connections Model, focusing on outreach efforts that support internal initiatives, external businesses, and local communities.

The WLD Program contributes to UPS’s ability to compete in a global marketplace and achieve key business goals. The WLD helps grow the business by building strong relationships with key stakeholders in our communities.

The UPS WLD Program has a fully vetted guiding principles and an overall activity plan that is shared for the purpose of Connections.

WLD BRG framework includes the following connections:
UPS Connections – Internal networking programs designed to bring UPS employees together to discuss topics and issues relevant to them in the workplace.
Business Connections – External networking programs designed to give employees exposure to a broad range of business perspectives, enhance business acumen, and provide opportunities to develop new business relationships.
Community Connections – Involvement in community projects outside of UPS can provide opportunities for growth, networking, skill development, and personal satisfaction. Employees are encouraged to learn and practice leadership skills through service.

UPS Connections
Diversity and inclusion remain at the forefront of the UPS WLD. We strive to connect and empower our employees, customers, suppliers to embrace the dynamics of different cultures, backgrounds and perspectives. All UPS Employees are invited to participate in weekly WLD Track meetings. Attendees are especially encouraged to share new and innovative ideas and cultures. This represents our commitment to creating an environment where employees feel valued, respected and fully engaged to contribute to our future success.

Business Connections
UPS WLD introduced six (6) different Tracks designed to give employees exposure to a broad range of business perspectives, enhance business acumen, and provide opportunities to develop new business relationships.The Partner & Learn Track allows members to partner with other, external WLDs, share experiences and best practices. The Recruit & Mentor Track includes; job shadowing program, high school/college speaking programs and executive training programs. The Volunteer Events Track coordinates UPS time towards worthwhile events. The Communications & Social Media track works with internal UPS Strategic Communications to deliver important news media as it relates to Women in Business and Women in IT. The Networking Track is responsible for promoting all internal UPS events in the spirit of teamwork and solidarity. To continuously measure and improve, Measure our Success Track was implemented. They are track achievements, events and are always looking for ways to improve.

Community Connections
In early 2016, the WLD Program implemented an aggressive membership strategy. Focused on the goal of expanding the number of women in Technology, an awareness campaign was kicked-off. Starting with the younger generation of technology leaders, many “tech-talks” and networking events with female leaders of tomorrow were conducted at high-schools and universities. The overarching theme at these events is not just Women in Leadership but Women in IT Leadership! UPS WLD is committed to empowering women and eliminating racism. YWCA events are planned for 2017 to empower high school students to achieve beyond their limits.

The UPS WLD BRG’s definition of diversity extends beyond race, age and gender to include differences in ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, education, religion, physical ability, values, backgrounds and experiences. Inclusion occurs when everyone has an opportunity to fully participate in creating UPS’s business success and is valued for his or her distinctive skills, experiences and perspectives. The WLD makes this possible by engaging all employees from all walks of life to participate in leadership meetings in which ideas are all shared.

We believe that the WLD BRG truly supports this mission statement and has been an active participant.

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