Gen Z will become the fastest-growing generation in both the workplace and the marketplace within the next five years. This generation is currently around 7 to 21 years old, and the key thing to note about them is that they usually don’t remember a time before social media.

As they enter the workforce, one thing organizations should know is that they tend to live most of their lives attached to technology. Their days are spent communicating, shopping and doing homework online via computer, tablet or smart phone. While there isn’t much data on Gen Z in the workforce to date, there will be more data on this generation than any other in history in the coming months and years. For now, there are a few things to predict and prepare for, which are noted below:

  • Web-based learning and research will be one of their key strengths.
  • Putting their smart phone away during working hours may cause separation anxiety, but they are so used to it and are most likely multitasking whizzes.
  • Where other generations think in words, they may think in emoji symbols.
  • FOMO (fear of missing out) causes this generation to worry about moving fast enough in comparison to everyone else they follow.
  • Community conversations are enjoyable.

It’s time to begin to leverage technology in all that we do and form an agile workforce. The business landscape is continually evolving as different generations enter individual contributor and leadership positions with their fresh thinking.

*Gen Z research credit:

By: Jessica Speziale, Communications Chair, Tri-State Diversity Council 


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