R&B and pop singer Rihanna unveiled a new cosmetics line this season. Rihanna’s new cruelty free makeup made a splash for its inclusion of 40 skin tone options for foundations.

Typically, women of color in particular have a difficult time finding shades of makeup to match their skin tone. Rihanna’s cosmetics line, Fenty Beauty, includes shades of foundation that range from the darkest to the palest skin tones. Consumers in New York have reported their delight at finding a makeup line that finally matches their skin tones.

Fenty Beauty is unusual for launching such a wide range and amount of colors in multiple countries at once. Rihanna reported to AP that she relied on friends of various skin tones to help test and attune the cosmetics, “because I feel horrible excluding people from things that I created for them.”

Rihanna’s new cosmetics line can act as an example of inclusion in makeup for other producers.

Original article here: http://www.courant.com/features/sns-bc-us–fashion-rihanna-cosmetics-20170926-story.html

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