Welcome to the Florida Diversity Council’s Quarter 4 Newsletter. We would first like to welcome our newest Bronze corporate partners – Tampa General Hospital and Sunfest Herbs LLC – to the Florida Diversity Council. We look forward to working with these organizations to promote the importance of diversity and inclusion programs in the workplace and community.

Our statewide Board of Directors will hold our annual in-person strategic planning session to outline a plan for achieving continued growth in 2018. Not only will our Board members share what they believe the FLDC does well, but they will also highlight the ways in which the Council can enhance its efforts to bring additional value to their organizations across various industries.

The Council invites individuals who are passionate about diversity and inclusion to step into various leadership and volunteer roles as we move into 2018. If you are interested in learning more about these opportunities, please contact [email protected] for additional information. It would be wonderful to have more business and community leaders play a more powerful role in promoting the importance of diversity and inclusion efforts throughout Florida.

The FLDC also welcomes companies and organizations that would like to take their diversity and inclusion efforts to the next level by becoming a corporate partner. It is evident that companies that embrace and celebrate diversity create environments that promote inclusion, innovation, creativity, and success, which in turn grows market share and attracts top talent.

The FLDC’s work is meaningful and will leave an everlasting footprint on our local communities throughout the state. We ask that you join us in promoting the importance of diversity and inclusion so that we may have a more positive environment for our workforce today and tomorrow.

Sarah King

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