As the topic of diversity is discussed on a national scale, many corporate companies remain committed to create a culture of inclusion. Although racial, economic and cultural strain continue to increase, the workplace is where the discussion of diversity tends to stop. However, recent studies have shown that the business case for diversity has brought a great deal of success to companies that choose to cultivate cultural differences in the workplace. Research has also revealed, that diversity increases creativity and innovation which ultimately promotes economic growth.

In June, The CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion campaign was launched for all corporate CEO’s to act on supporting a more inclusive workplace for millions of their employees and their communities. While there is no single formula for change, CEO’s that chose to participate in the campaign have made a meaningful start toward progression. Just two short months after the launch, 250 CEO’s have made the pledge for diversity. Nearly 200 shared actions of implementation have been displayed via the initiative’s online hub. Among the many companies that elected to participate, we are proud to report that some of them are National Diversity Council Partners! Some of our participating partners include: American Express, AT&T and UPS.

Now, The CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion campaign represents 70 industries, all 50 states and millions of employees globally. The National Diversity Council is pleased to be in partnership with companies that strive for the advancement of all cultures in the workplace.


Jasmine Nelson
Communications Specialist 
National Diversity Council 

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