Julie Julie Stodolak Vice President of Stores GameStop
  What role have coaches and mentors played in your life, and how did you go about choosing your coaches and mentors? I believe that one of the most important decisions I make is the people I choose to bring into my life, who I associate with, based on values, trustworthiness, experience and integrity. I have been fortunate to have many mentors. Several things they have influenced and taught me include:
  • The foundation for a great leader is embedded in trust. When you have earned the trust and loyalty of your team, success is far more reaching than the important outcome of profitability.
  • Leadership, how I choose to lead within my role, is a privilege and responsibility. I am personally accountable and need to make mindful, responsible choices. I am responsible for the environment that I create. We are all responsible for contributing to our desired environment.
  • I am depended upon to deliver consistent, measurable progress, achievements and results. Investing in the development of others and taking ownership of my personal development is essential to not only my success, but the success of others.
How has networking impacted your career path? Networking has benefited me by leading to career opportunities, assisting others to achieve their aspirations and creating treasured friendships. I gain wisdom through networking and collaboration. I have found that collaboration always adds greater value, even to the best ideas. What involvement have you engaged in the local community that you found helpful for self-development or helping others grow? I have mentored women, supported students and helped adults in need. Generosity and gratitude are values of mine. When I have the experience of serving others, it contributes to my sense of personal fulfillment. I am grateful that I have the resources to give back, pay it forward to others, both to the community at large and to individuals. I have found there are many ways to continuously grow and give: mentoring, financial assistance, volunteer time, spontaneous acts of kindness and intentional use of inspiring words that motivate and bring greater peace of mind and personal growth. What is the most valuable piece of advice you would like to share with individuals who are trying to advance into a position like the one you currently hold? Remain true to your personal values and stay confident by being your authentic self. Be a servant leader; inspire others. It begins by becoming aware and committed to your vast and significant influence and dedication to your family. Allow those values and inspiration to follow you into the workplace. Julie Stodolak will be speaking at this year’s South Florida Women in Leadership Symposium as she will be focusing her conversation on Leading with Authenticity: Strategies for Success with Your Own Leadership Style. Please see our event website for our Women in Leadership Symposiums held in Orlando, South Florida and Tampa Bay:   http://floridadiversitycouncil.org/what-we-do/events-programs/women-in-leadership-symposiums/2017-2/

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