A $4 million federal grant was recently awarded to The Atlanta Workforce Development Agency to support its ATL TechHire initiative. As one of the top US cities with the greatest supply-demand gap in IT Jobs, Atlanta is in need of more initiatives to help local job-seekers develop tech skills. The TechHire initiative aims to do just that, by partnering with local employers to develop training programs that prepare Atlantans for these high-demand, local tech career opportunities.

This program currently focuses on young adults facing barriers to employment, as well as individuals who are veterans, have limited proficiency in English, may have criminal records, and people with disabilities. Individuals who are trained as part of the TechHire program will learn invaluable coding and career readiness skills. In a move to support the program, Atlanta’s Department of Information Management has agreed to fill twenty percent of its 2016 fiscal year job openings to individuals who have completed the ATL TechHire program.

This impressive federal grant will help guarantee ATL TechHire has the funds to support its initiatives, and will certainly go a long way in ensuring that a wide array of Atlantans have the skillsets to land local tech jobs.

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